CoConspirators Brewing Co


Nathan Keatch

I’m passionate about designing & building websites & web apps using clean and well written code. In an industry that is ever evolving, it’s essential to stay up to date and on top of new techniques and trends.

When embarking on a new project it’s always my goal to create something that is scaleable and able to grow with my clients business as the web and new technologies evolve.

I work across a wide range of projects including freelancing for agencies and directly with clients. This has allowed me to work on a range of projects from custom CMS’s to full featured web applications.


CoConspirators Brewing Co

Bringing a new brewery online.

As a brand new brewing company entering Melbourne’s rich craft beer scene, the team at CoConspirators Brewing Co. needed a website that would allow them to showcase their products and brand while standing out from a very colourful crowd.

Launching with a single product and aspirations to quickly expand their range meant that the site needed to be designed and built in a way that would grow as they did. I built a custom ExpressionEngine CMS that will automatically grow with the product range and start to reveal new features as key milestones were met in the product range.

Social media is extremely important in the craft beer world and the site needed to reflect this. I built a custom Untappd API integration that displays user checkins on the site.

Launch project

Services delivered

  • UI design
  • UX Consulting
  • Custom ExpressionEngine CMS
  • Responsive development
  • Information architecture